Saturday, August 14, 2010

The first few days...

The first few days in Zihuataenjo were pretty quiet.  Saturday night we had fajitas at La Rana Rene.  We spent some time getting supplies at the Commercial Mexicana on Sunday, and then went swimming in the ocean for a few hours.  In the evening we wandered around el Centro and enjoyed the sights and sounds with many locals gathered in the area.  Monday we spent some time shopping in the Artisan Market in el Centro, and then spent a few hours swimming on Playa la Madera again.  Tuesday we went into el Centro for breakfast at Margarita's.  After that we went to Playa la Ropa and throughly enjoyed the beach and water for a few hours.  After that we had take out from Pollo Feliz (Happy Chicken), which was very good.  The heat does wear us out during the day, but the rain showers in the afternoon or evening give a bit of welcome relief.

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