Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second cooking class with Monica - Stuffed Chiles!!!

I forgot my camera for the second cooking class with Monica at Patio Mexica, and thank you to Joseph and Mary from the class who sent me the photos they took.  Robyn wasn't feeling good the day of the class, so I went alone, but it was fine because I was paired up with another student named Cathy.

We started by getting the meat filling ready and roasting the poblano and jalapeno chiles.  We made 5 types of stuffed chiles.  First, we stuffed a jalapeno with tuna, onion, tomatoe, and mayo.  We also made chile relenos, which are poblano stuffed with cheese, and fried with an egg coating on it.  The chile relleno was served with tomato sauce with some chipotle added and a drizzle of creme fresh (oh my god good!).  Then we made chile en nogada by stuffing the poblano chile with the meat mixture and finishing it with a flavored creme fresh, and pomegranate seeds on top.  It represents the three colours of the Mexican flag, and was also very good.  Finally, we stuffed ancho chiles with the meat mixture and another with cheese, and both version were very tasty.  We severed them on tomato sauce and creme fresh.
chili relleno
chili en nogada
mmm mmm good!
I literally ate every bit of the chiles I made, and left wishing I could eat like that every day.  We finished the class with a nice cup of Monica's coffee.  Anyone looking for a wonderful culinary experience would enjoy this class.  Monica was so sweet that she sent a chile en nogada home for Robyn so she didn't miss out.

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