Saturday, August 7, 2010

We arrived!

Its August 7 and we have arrived in Zihua!  The flights were great, but Robyn and I were both happy to finally arrive this afternoon.  We shared a cab with Melissa and Ken from Chicago that we met on the plane, and I feel a bit bad for the newbie taxi driver we had.  I proved that it pays for me to be super prepared and look at google street view to see where our hotel sits, because I had to help direct him to our place.  It is definitely VERY warm here and it feels wonderful to sit in the shade and and enjoy the breeze off of the ocean.  In full family style we manage to lock ourselves out of our apartment within a couple of hours being in the Bungalows la Madera.  The owner, Mark, was gracious enough to get us back into our room.  This did entail calling the maid and having her come down to deliver the extra key.  Thank goodness for nice people!  Tonight will be pretty quiet as we are both very tired from being up since 3:30 am and only having a couple hours of sleep prior to that.  Tomorrow is a new day for adventures :-)

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